Stormhaven is not a pleasant city, but it is rife with opportunity. It is a city of delights, of vice and sin. Here, deals are made, intrigues planned, expeditions launched, conspiracies hatched, and dreams crushed. Merchants do a brisk business, employing ruthless tactics to rub out their competition, while thieves prowl the marketplaces, slipping sharp knives against the strings of dangling purses. High and mighty men and women come to the city to broker dirty deals with other lords (when they can tear themselves away from Stormhaven’s renowned brothels, that is). The city hums with back-room bargains, the steady stream of black market goods slipping beneath the nose of the corrupt Harbormaster. Assassins stalk the night, cultists perform dreadful ceremonies to maddening gods, and pirates walk the Docks looking to spend the bloodstained coins they pried from the dead fingers of their victims.

Stormhaven is a city located on the Shattered Isles, in the Sea of the Fallen Star.

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